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Multi-Clean® Pre-Treat Traffic Lane Pre-Spray - Gal.

Item # F400-01200

  • A special carpet detergent formulated to pre-spray soiled traffic lanes prior to extraction or rotary brush shampoo cleaning.
  • Can be used for spin bonnet cleaning
  • pH: 9.5-10.0; Phosphate free; Fresh and clean scent
  • Dilution: 1:5 one part Pre-Treat with 5 parts water
Gal., ea
Manufacturers Item #902183
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It contains non-butyl solvents, biodegradable surfactant and builders to assist in the removal of oily soil and light greases from all types of carpet.

  • Spray on the carpet 5 to 10 minutes before extracting or shampooing to begin to loosen traffic lane soil and spots, resulting in cleaner carpets from more effective extraction or shampooing.
  • It is safe on commercial and residential nylon, including stain resistant nylon, wool and polypropylene.
  • Dries to a non-sticky residue.